QuickOffice Pro was built from the ground up for small business owners! How'd we get there?

The QuickOffice Pro story begins back in March 2001, when I was running my own software development company. When it came to invoicing and billing clients Microsoft Word and MS Excel were great! But to keep track of each individual document or spread sheet invoice system was frustrating and time consuming to say the very least, as you can imagine! Been there done that, yes?

You know the old story… trying to find the last invoice you did some 3 days ago, then over typing in a new invoice number onto it to use the same doc again, or trying to find the last invoice because the client didn't pay some 45 days ago because you forgot to re-invoice them to get paid! On top of that you just re-created a new invoice from an older saved one, that you have NOW over saved and LOST your older invoice information! That you forgot to print out and keep manually! You also needed that 1original invoice to keep a history of your Accountant for Tax filing! Hmmm, you know what I mean!

Knowing there had to be a better way I started developing my own in-house simple bookkeeping system for myself, but also knowing that one day other people could also use it. Well… 'Hey Presto' to cut a 'long story short' my perfection to help myself, extended into helping other people in my exact situation that I had been so frustrated about over the many previous years from my start up business days. A simple solution that has became the foundation of what is now QuickOffice Pro.

It's been a long hard road that hasn't been easy. To start with it took over 24 months part time to develop QO Pro, another 6 months to only having 16 paying customers (5 of those where close friends running there own business!) and revenues where about $320 a month. I still new it was a winner, so I shifted into top gear and ran my small office from the back of my garage for the next 3 years, and despite all the evidence pointing to a failure, I carried on. Why? Because I knew the frustrations that I started off with and I also knew the same path thousands of other micro to small business owners where about to take, or would be facing when first starting off in their business. I had a drive and a passion for serving future customers, and working for them to make business life a hell of a lot easier.

From the humble beginnings, I now want to help everyone from the most fragile of businesses, many of you maybe a 'one-man-band or a one-woman-band' or a simple two one person operation, or first time business owners of a small franchise, or maybe a vibrant business already setup collecting thousands of dollars day. I want to help you make your daily business operations run a lot smoother!

If you are a micro to small service-based business, QuickOffice Pro was designed for you. If you are a self employed contractor, a marketing and design agency, a painter, an interior decorator, an IT professional, a therapist, an architect, a web professional, own a lawn mowing round – or if you create value to your customers by applying your time and expertise to other people's problems, thereby running a service-based business – QuickOffice Pro is built specifically for you.

Now days we like to supply a tradition of providing extraordinary customer service and building a product that helps save you time and money, because we know you went into business with a big heart for your passion and to serve your customers with a BIG smile every day in every way – and not to learn complex accounting!

To your business success, for now and the future…

Quick Office Pro
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